Sisterhood Project

musician (band)

Stories that are sung, whispered or screamed in the name of feminism. 

The SISTERHOOD PROJECT it’s two women, two musicians, who share a common vision of the world. 

"SisterhoodProject" or the Sisterhood Project: Why did this word disappear from everyday language, in the shadow of its twin brother Fraternity? 


Against the backdrop of Trip-Hop / Rock, these two impressive singers, composers, musicians and lyricists Marie & Doo produced in 2019 their first album "Sisterhood" offering the point of view of a different woman on each track. The compilation encompasses all from the 1950s housewife to the crying widow. 

During confinement in France, Sisterhood Project decided to bring together different artists and make covers, so they may continue to bring art to life, through the world of digital.

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