Louis Sers


Zanes Zabukovec


- Film director, cinematographer, actor, producer, scriptwriter, editor, photographer, dj, citizen of the Universe raised in Paris & LA (Earth).


- Film director and designer based in Paris.

There is Love and there is ego.

Through the story of the feelings of a couple torn between passionate dependence and unsaid things SERENADE puts time and space on hold. Not only on the topic of relationships, but also on Love in the very broader sense and on the way it spreads, on its communication… These complex vibrations that flow between us, that link us or not as Humans. These interactions, energies, sounds, interpretations, fantasies, fears… Individuals being opaque and overthinking by nature. SERENADE's universal statement should echo everyone.SERENADE is a non-commercial work. A low budget self-production, directed by Louis Sers & Janès Zabukovec. With Louis Sers and Marie Cluzet.

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