Kirsty M. Allison


Growing up in London, DJing and presenting on TV, Kirsty is widely published as a journalist, professor, short story writer, poet and her poetry films have shown internationally. Editor-in-chief of Cold Lips , and arts editor on DJMag, Wrecking Ball Press are publishing Kirsty’s debut novel, Psychomachia. As a poet and performer she’s shared the bill with Dr. John Cooper Clarke, Thurston Moore, Murray Lachlan Young, Dave Barbarossa, members of the Fat White Family, and opened Andrew Weatherall’s Convenanza festival in in 2018.  Vagrant Lovers is the name of her spoken word music collaboration with Gil De Ray, currently recording their debut album, Love Is Analogue. "There’s a horror and a beauty in this New Quiet - a Blake heaven and a Goya hell.  In the chaos matrix of modern times, solace is offered Everywhere, but it is closest within.


I pray that these times will bring a new dawn of strategic global policy of environment and equality, reliant on a spiritual index of happiness and wellbeing, rather than this embarrassing epoch of destructive, money-based greed and waste." Kirsty has recently started blogging on Substack, you can follow on:

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