Erica Schreiner

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Erica Schreiner is an experimental video and performance artist, writer and poet based in New York City. has completed more than 70 performative video art pieces using a VHS video recorder. New York artist, Dustin Dis, referred to Schreine's work as a singular and uncompromising vision, both surreal and hyper-real.” Mad Gleam Press has referred to her work as ‘genre-breaking’. Schreiner’s work has shown at the  Bill Hodges Gallery  in NYC and Gallery Petite in Brooklyn and is regular contributor to  Nick Knight's SHOWstudio. Schreiner published two books of short stories under her label, Analog Cinema.  Hellos & Goodbyes  (2009) and  Arrows  (2015). In 2018, Blue Pear Projects released a collection of Schreiner's poetry entitled:  The Plastic Sea.  Her debut novella, The Greatest History of Life was released in 2019 with  Mad Gleam Press.

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